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SiFive Vector AI Processors Accelerated by the RISC-V Vector ISA by Vadim Malenboim​, SiFive


While we are only scratching the surface of the incredible impact AI/ML is having on organizations as they adopt these functions in their daily business, it’s evident that the workloads, algorithms, and requirements are constantly evolving. SiFive delivers adaptable AI/ML solutions, based on the RISC-V vector ISA, with a flexible, future-proof approach enabled by efficient, programmable building blocks of hardware IP. This talk will detail the innovative capabilities of the Linux-capable SiFive Intelligence X280 and SiFive Performance P270 processors which enable customers to develop programmable, scalable, and configurable platforms to meet modern AI/ML processing requirements from the edge to the cloud. ​


I’m SiFive Field Application Engineer in the configurable processors domain specializing in embedded software. I’ve worked in several semiconductor companies where I was responsible for the firmware design, implementation, and bring up. The last couple of years I’ve been working in a customer-facing role, bringing customer requirements into processor-based SoC implementations. Currently, I work closely with a wide range of customers adopting the emerging RISC-V Architecture.

SemIsrael Tech Webinar 5-4-2022 (9 videos)

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