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RISC-V OOO IP Core and Vector Unit, by Roger Espasa, CEO & Founder, Semidynamics


In this contribution we will describe Semidynamic’s RISC-V IP comprising its advanced family of out-of-order cores (code named Atrevido) and the companion out-of-order vector unit, fully compliant to the RISC-V 1.0 specification. The core and vector unit contain the Gazzillion(tm) misses technology, which make them ideal for environments with high memory latency and/or high bandwidth demands, such as CXL memory systems or HBM memory systems.

Roger Espasa is the founder and CEO of Semidynamics, an IP supplier of two RISC-V cores, Avispado (in-order) and Atrevido (out-of-order) supporting the RISC-V vector extension and Gazzillion TM misses, both targeted at HPC and Machine Learning. In addition, Semidynamics architected and designed the Esperanto Technologies’ 1024+ core machine-learning 7nm SoC. Prior to Semidynamics, Roger was at Broadcom working on an ARMV8 wide out-of-order core. (2014-2016). Previously, Roger worked at Intel (2002-2014) developing a vector extension for the x86 ISA, initially deployed in XeonPhi (Larrabee) which then became AVX-512. Roger also led the texture sampling unit for Larrabee. Roger then worked on Knight’s Landing (14nm) and led the core for Knights Hill (10nm). Between 1999 and 2001 Roger worked for the Alpha Microprocessor Group on a vector extension to the Alpha architecture known as Tarantula. Roger got his PhD from UPC in 1997, has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers on Vector Architectures, Graphics/3D Architecture, Binary translation and optimization, Branch Prediction, and Media ISA Extensions and holds 9 patents with 41 international filings.

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