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On Chip FPGA: The Other Compute Resource by Andy Jaros​, VP Sales and Marketing, Flex Logix


When system companies discuss processing requirements for their next generation products, the typical discussion invariably leads to: what should the processor subsystem look like? Do you upgrade the embedded processors in the current subsystem to the latest and greatest embedded CPU? Do you add more CPUs? Or perhaps add a little diversity by adding a DSP or GPU? One compute resource that rarely (if ever) gets consideration is on-chip FPGA ​


Andy Jaros is VP for IP sales, marketing & solutions architecture at Flex Logix, and responsible for its EFLX and nnMAX IP. With a BS in chemical engineering from Arizona State University, he has over 20 years’ sales and sales management experience, starting at Motorola Semiconductor and then Arm. This was followed by Arc International where he also led worldwide sales effort when Virage acquired Arc. After its subsequent acquisition by Synopsys, he eventually transitioned to director of product solution sales for Arc activities in North America.

SemIsrael Tech Webinar 22-2-2022 (14 videos)

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