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Enabling Digital Transformation in Electronic Design with Cadence Cloud by Carsten Heinelt​, Cadence


This session will discuss the Cadence Cloud platform advantages that help to overcome cloud complexity issues. We will uncover the industry’s newest breed of cloud products that are allowing designers to enjoy their familiar on-prem design environment and yet enjoy all the great benefits of secure, scalable, and agile cloud. The presentation showcases the full breadth of Cadence’s Cloud Solution offering including customer-managed cloud, hybrid cloud, and Cadence-managed cloud environments for EDA.


Carsten Heinelt started working at Cadence in 1995 as a services engineer. He quickly moved to a project management role and later on moved to a business program management role. Carsten has been involved in Cadence-hosted design solutions since 2007 (predecessor of Cadence Cloud) and has worked with tens of customers, providing them with Cadence’s hosted and cloud based solutions.

SemIsrael Tech Webinar 22-2-2022 (14 videos)

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