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Combining Innovation in EDA with the Digitalization of Everything


For decades, the digital twin has been used to create integrated circuits. Now, Siemens’ comprehensive digital twin goes further than ever before. With the ability to continuously improve the design, there are unstoppable advantages for IC creation.

Siemens EDA, formerly Mentor Graphics, is breaking boundaries!

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Transcription: Siemens EDA (formerly Mentor) is breaking boundaries We are combining innovation in EDA with the digitalization of everything This systems digitalization is driven by semiconductors It goes beyond creating and verifying an integrated circuit It ensures performance specs when running software in the system context For decades we have used a digital twin to create ICs Siemens’ comprehensive digital twin goes much further than ever before A digital twin of the entire product lifecycle coupled with a digital twin of the production lifecycle This continuous improvement cycle provides unstoppable advantages for IC creation Siemens EDA Where electronic design automation meets tomorrow.

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