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224Gbps – The Next Big Step in Data Rates by Clint Walker​, VP Marketing, Alphawave IP


With 100Gbps links being currently integrated into datacenter switches and optics, How does industry scale data rates beyond 100Gbps for next generation. As such silicon designers look to higher baud rates, alternate modulation approaches (eg. PAM8, PAM16, QAM16/64) and alternate Forward Error Correction (“FEC” ) algorithms are all being considered. This presentation will review these competing alternate approaches to scaling to 224Gbps. ​


Clint Walker is Vice President of Marketing at Alphawave IP. Clint has over 24 years of semiconductor experience. Before moving to Alphawave IP Clint was a Principal Engineer and Senior Director at Intel where he worked for 22 years focused on High Speed I/O system and circuit architecture. Clint has participated and contributed to JEDEC DDR, PCI-SIG, and IEEE 802.3 standards development and is former chair of USB3.0 Electrical Work Group.

SemIsrael Tech Webinar 22-2-2022 (14 videos)

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