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System companies are taking a more proactive role in co￾designing their hardware and software roadmaps, so it’s no surprise that…

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5G, networking, cloud storage, defense, smart home, automotive, and others – are looking to embedded FPGAs (eFPGA) to save power and reduce cost.

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One issue with today’s modern design flow is the access to “Trusted Fabs” for confidential designs.  Just too many eyes…

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Expanding the possibilities in the processor subsystem.

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2-1/2 Months from IP delivery on a FinFET Process

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With the eFPGA now readily available in many process nodes from multiple suppliers, Flex Logix offers predictions on what we can expect to see around eFPGA development and use cases in 2022 and beyond.

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For those of you who follow Flex Logix®, you already know that we have an IP business, EFLX® eFGPA, and…

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FPGA has become strategic technology. It used to be a “poor man’s ASIC” and provided a customized IC for lower-volume applications. While it is still used this way in many systems, it has also become strategically important to two very big, high-growth applications

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FPGA companies have integrated processors, but these solutions are much more expensive than an MCU – what is needed is an MCU with a modest amount of FPGA at a low price.

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Advice on how to compare inferencing alternatives and the characteristics of an optimal inferencing engine.

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When a vendor says our ABC-inferencing-engine does X TOPS, you would assume that in one second it will perform X Trillion Operations. Let’s show you how a 130 TOPS engine actually delivers 27 TOPS of useable throughput.