SemIsrael Partners

PrimeTech Semiconductor Products Ltd, acts as a representative office, providing solutions and technical service, on behalf of world-leading equipment manufacturers who wish to offer their products and solutions to customers in Israel.

Working with companies within the semiconductor devices design and manufacturing segments in Israel, PrimeTech offers a complete solution, including sales, technical supports and storage of spare parts for systems suited for IC testing, fabrication and fault isolation.

The team at PrimeTech is consists of professional sales staff and experienced engineers, all of whom have a strong customer orientation, and undergo comprehensive onsite training with the equipment manufacturers. In this way the sales staff are knowledgeable about the product’s specific features and benefits and are equipped to offer the right solution to each customer. While the service team undergo regular training in order to remain up-to-date and able to provide the highest quality service to clients throughout Israel.

Offering the highest standard products and support allows our clients to enjoy specialized solutions from all over the world, with the benefit of local support people.

We are proud to distribute and represent some of the world´s leading suppliers of semiconductor devices inspection and processing equipment.

Please review our product offerings to see if we can provide a solution suited to your needs: Laser Systems, Failure Analysis, Test & Reliability, Process Equipment.