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Vtool acquires P&C Tech and opens India and UK design centers

Vtool Smart Verification, a leading international EDA solutions provider and an ASIC house, is extending its services into new territories through its latest acquisition of P&C Tech, which operates in India and the UK.

Vtool extends its reach into India and the UK, offering its combined offering, including Cogita, a unique AI/ML-based EDA technology, and its end-to-end ASIC and embedded systems services.

On the EDA technology side, Vtool has invented, developed, and deploys Cogita, a novel AI/ML-based verification debugging and data analysis platform. On the services side, Vtool’s expertise spans from specification to GDSII top-notch ASIC services, embedded software, and Analog and RF circuit design. The Israeli-headquartered company already runs leading design centers in Serbia, Poland, and Greece, and now also in India and the UK. The new division will be led by Paul Kaunds, P&C CEO, a semiconductors veteran with over 20 years of experience.

Hagai Arbel, Vtool Co-Founder and CEO: “We have been working with Paul and his team shoulder-to-shoulder for the last three years and have many accomplishments by putting together our professional skills and shared values. The acquisition of P&C Tech strengthens Vtool’s reach and, more importantly, taps into two new key territories, the UK and India. The UK is an important semiconductors hub, while India is home to half of the world’s verification engineers and activities in the field. By deploying Vtool’s Cogita technology in India, verification processes will be accelerated immensely, while our joint teams will benefit from more expert skill in verification, embedded, and design.”

Paul Kaunds, P&C Tech Founder and CEO: “We are very excited to join Vtool. Vtool is not only a leading player in the EDA and services market, it is also driven by a great vision and has impactful plans for the future of verification and semiconductors as a whole. Our team is truly excited to be part of this new scaling opportunity.”

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