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Tektronix Announces Line up for 2022 Technology Innovation Forum

Tektronix, Inc. has announced details on the 2022 Tektronix Innovation Forum,  offering engineers and scientists around the world 30+ classes on the latest technology trends, techniques, and test and measurement best practices for power, wireless, and high speed I/O. With the theme of “Accelerating Progress,” the 8+-hour free virtual global conference will run from 14th June through to 29th June, 2022, in eight global regions, including Europe, the Americas, China, Taiwan, India, ASEAN, Japan, and Korea.

Keynote speaker, James McLurkin, Senior Engineer at Google is a roboticist, inventor, and researcher. He will speak on his research and development efforts in “AI-on-device,” the use of artificial intelligence outside the realm of cloud-based systems, and his accomplishments with “SwarmBots,” involving large swarms of autonomous robots performing individual tasks contributing toward a group goal inspired by the behaviors of ants and bees. McLurkin will also go in-depth on preparing the next generation of engineers.

“The Tektronix Innovation Forum brings some of the best and brightest minds to the table,” Chris Witt VP/GM Tektronix Portfolio Solutions. “We’re excited to roll-out another successful conference in hopes of creating collaborative conversations on the fast-paced, technological advancements that we’re seeing today and expect to see in the near-future.”

The conference sessions will be available in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa on 14th June, rolling out to other regions across Asia towards the end of the month.

With much of the workforce still working from home or limited in their ability to attend in-person conferences, the Tektronix Innovation Forum’s virtual programming is accessible anywhere at no cost. Attendees will have access to more than 30 sessions across six key trends:

  • Test & Measurement Best Practices. Topics include software programming, device probing, online collaboration both professional and educational, anomaly detection, validation techniques, and measurement of extremely small electrical signals.
  • Power. Topics include electrical motor drive debugging, power supply measurement, power distribution networks, probing at high voltages, and testing of silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitrite (GaN) power semiconductors at the wafer, device, and system level.
  • Wireless & RF. Topics include data communications and radar as applied to autonomous driving, signal detection in the RF spectrum, 5G system debug and validation, the interaction of RF signals in embedded system design, and mmWave testing.
  • High Speed I/O. Topics include validation of devices for recent generation serial communication standards such as PCI Express, USB, MIPI, Ethernet, as well as memory debug for conformance to DDR and LPDDR standards.
  • Technology Trends. Topics include technologies underlying developments in automotive electrification, green energy, data center, and consumer devices as well as recent developments specific to semiconductors.
  • Lab Management. Topics include recent industry standards, especially regarding calibration, and equipment management, and return on investment strategies.

To learn more and reserve a seat for the 2022 Tektronix Innovation Forum, visit the TIF registration site. The sessions will be available on-demand throughout the year.

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