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Siemens qualifies industry-leading IC design solutions for Intel Foundry processes

Siemens Digital Industries Software today announced that its industry-leading Calibre® nmPlatform tool for integrated circuit (IC) design verification and its world-class Analog FastSPICE (AFS) platform for analog, radio frequency (RF), custom digital and mixed-signal circuit verification, are now both certified for Intel 18A and Intel 16 process technologies. Intel 18A is also now enabled with Open Model Interface (OMI), the industry-standard platform for enabling aging modeling and reliability analyses, supported by the AFS Platform.

Intel 18A represents the latest advances on Intel Foundry’s process technology roadmap. With Siemens’ successful certifications for leading-edge Intel 18A, IC design engineers around the world can continue using their most trusted EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools with confidence for tape-outs enabled by Intel Foundry’s highly advanced processes.

Intel 18A node features Intel’s advanced RibbonFET Gate-All-Around (GAA) transistor architecture and PowerVia backside power delivery technologies that help customers optimize the density and performance of their next-generation products, including those targeting High Performance Computing (HPC), mobile and other demanding applications where performance, power and area are paramount.

“We are collaborating with design ecosystem leaders like Siemens to equip our customers with cutting-edge design tools,” said Rahul Goyal, Vice President and General Manager, Product and Design Ecosystem, Intel Foundry. “These proven solutions in the physical verification and associated domains unlock the full potential of our advanced process technologies, improving design productivity and help accelerate innovation for our mutual customers.”

“As semiconductors continue to shape the global economic landscape, Intel’s dedication to the foundry market, as exemplified by Intel Foundry, provides another critical source for highly advanced manufacturing capabilities,” said Michael Buehler-Garcia, vice president, Product Management, Calibre Design Solutions, Siemens Digital Industries Software. “Siemens takes pride in extending its EDA collaboration with Intel, providing a platform for our shared clientele to choose from a diverse spectrum of advanced processes and options for their next-generation semiconductor designs.”

In addition, Siemens today announced that its Analog FastSPICE (AFS) platform is now certified for the Intel 16 technology. Providing a gateway to FinFET (fin field-effect transistor) technology from planar nodes and providing 16nm class performance and low power with fewer masks and simpler back-end design rules, the Intel 16 node offers industry leading RF and analog capability, making it well suited for storage controller, RF (Wi-Fi, BT), mmWave, defense, aerospace, government and other demanding mixed-signal applications.

Qualification of Siemens’ advanced analog/mix-signal solutions for the Intel 16 technology comes just months after it certified the Calibre product line for the same process node. With these latest certifications, Siemens’ Calibre, AFS, and Intel Foundry customers can now leverage the versatility, power efficiency and optimized performance of the foundry’s advanced technologies for their next generation designs using Calibre and AFS for uncompromised accuracy and performance.

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