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Siemens’ Aprisa digital implementation solution certified for Samsung Foundry’s advanced 4nm processes

Siemens Digital Industries Software today announced that Samsung Foundry has certified Siemens‘ Aprisa™ solution for the foundry’s advanced 4nm FinFET technology node. With this certification, customers using Aprisa for digital implementation can design projects at 4nm with fully certified technology that supports all the design rules and features of Samsung Foundry’s most advanced FinFET process technology platform.

This certification represents the latest in a series of milestones reflecting Siemens’ substantial investment to make Aprisa the industry’s leading digital implementation solution. Since completing its acquisition of the portfolio in December 2020, Siemens has more than doubled the Aprisa R&D team, while significantly advancing foundry certification programs and product enhancements.

“Siemens continues to increase its value to the Samsung Foundry ecosystem by offering more features and solutions in support of our most advanced processes,” said Sangyun Kim, vice president of the Foundry Design Technology Team at Samsung Electronics. “By continuing to innovate leading-edge electronic design automation (EDA) technologies for our new processes, Siemens is again proving its commitment to Samsung and our mutual customers.”

To achieve the certification, Siemens worked closely with Samsung Foundry to ensure that the Aprisa solution fulfills all certification criteria for design enablement, including 4nm design rule support, signoff Calibre® DRC software correlation, design for manufacturing (DFM) rule support, Calibre® software DFM correlation, signoff RC extraction correlation, and signoff timing correlation tasks. Siemens’ solution also successfully completed a full Netlist-to-GDS flow on a certification testcase design, which demonstrates the ability to achieve all design targets, including DRC closure, DFM closure, LVS closure, timing closure, low power, runtime and memory requirements.

Aprisa technology files for Samsung’s 4nm process are available now from Samsung Foundry. Certified support for Samsung’s 4nm process is also available from Siemens with the latest 22.R1 release of the Aprisa software. This release provides customers with an “out-of-the-box”, easy-to-use solution for leveraging the fast performance, optimal PPA and reduced design cycles of Siemens’ latest Aprisa digital implementation offering.

“The Aprisa platform’s certification for Samsung Foundry’s advanced 4nm process technology node means that customers developing high-volume, cutting-edge semiconductor applications now have an outstanding new option for their physical design tools,” said Dr. Inki Hong, general manager of the Aprisa Digital Implementation Division, Siemens Digital Industries Software. “This certification also demonstrates Siemens’ strong commitment to both technology and market leadership in the place-and-route space.”

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