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Real Intent Expands ISO 26262 Functional Safety Compliance For Static Sign-Off Products

Real Intent, Inc., today announced that the following static sign-off tools — Meridian RDC (Reset Domain Crossing), Meridian CDC (Clock Domain Crossing), Verix Multimode CDC, Ascent Lint (RTL & Netlist Linting), Ascent AutoFormal, Verix DFT, and iDebug (debug environment) — are now certified for use in ISO 26262 functional safety compliant flows.

Real Intent has met the requirements for validation and confirmation measures, providing confidence to development teams that they can achieve an acceptable level of safety using these products. Prior to today’s announcement, Real Intent Meridian RDC, Meridian CDC, Ascent Lint, and iDebug were certified for use in ISO 26262 compliant flows.

ISO 26262 is an industry-specific standard for the functional safety and expected reliability of electrical and electronic systems in passenger vehicles. It was established to help automotive customers rapidly navigate the increasingly complex process of functional safety assurance.

TÜV SÜD, an internationally accredited independent testing and conformity assessment company, evaluated Real Intent’s Meridian RDC, Meridian CDC, Verix Multimode CDC, Ascent Lint, Ascent AutoFormal, Verix DFT, and iDebug, along with their related documentation and tool development processes, and certified that each one achieves the ISO 26262 Tool Confidence Level 2 (TCL2) for ASIL A through ASIL D.

Real Intent Achieves TCL2 Certification, Significantly Reducing User Requirements

Real Intent’s sign-off quality products have limited redundancy options within design verification flows, which results in an ISO 26262 TCL2 tool confidence level classification. Certification at TCL2 (“Suitability for Use”) requiring significantly greater qualification scrutiny than a TCL1 (“Tool Safety Documentation”) certification.

Real Intent’s TCL2 certification came only after a rigorous analysis and audit of both its development processes (ISO 26262-8, cl 11.4.8) and tool validation (ISO 26262-8, cl 11.4.9) by TÜV SÜD. This extensive independent 3rd party qualification means customers can confidently integrate Real Intent’s tools within their ISO 26262 safety flows with limited additional effort.

Product Availability

The new versions of Real Intent products that meet the new ISO 26262 standard are immediately available.

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