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Rambus Expands Industry-Leading Security IP Portfolio with Arm CryptoCell and CryptoIsland IP

For over three decades, Rambus has been providing industry-leading Secure Silicon IP solutions to protect Data-at-Rest, Data-in-Use, and Data-in-Motion. Today, Rambus is excited to announce it will be offering the Arm® CryptoCell™ and CryptoIsland™ security IP portfolio. Going forward, semiconductor design teams will now be able to license this IP directly from Rambus.

The Rambus FIPS 140-certified RT-1xx series provide secure services and secure management to low-cost IoT clients, servers and gateways, while the Rambus DPA-resistant RT-2xx series secures micro controllers. Rambus’ FIPS 140-certified RT-6xx System Security Manager series targets secure designs for AI Edge, AI Data Center, Automotive grade eHSMs, and government, aerospace, and defense segments. The expansion of the Rambus Data-at-Rest product line with the Arm CryptoCell and CryptoIsland IP offers more choices to our customers building secure SoCs using certified Root of Trust designs.

The CryptoCell CC-312, CC-712 and CC-713 are lightweight cores without a processor or controller and offer Key Management and Crypto Services to Arm TrustZone™-enabled Arm Cortex™-M and Cortex-A powered SoC designs. TrustZone is Arm technology offering Normal and Secure World environments on a single CPU. The CryptoCell cores will be available alongside the RT-1xx Root of Trust cores for sensor, device, gateway and server applications in the IoT market.

The CryptoIsland CI-300 is a security enclave that can used in isolation to the host processor. With its secure programmability, the CryptoIsland core will be offered alongside the Rambus RT-6xx Root of Trust series. The most common examples are Smart Cards, Mobile Application processors and 5G Modems.

“As a leading Security IP provider, we’re excited to be working with the Arm ecosystem on this mission critical initiative of continuing to enable secure Arm-based SoCs. Customers requiring root-of-trust functionality in their designs can benefit by adding one of our silicon proven and security certified IP cores, which now also includes CryptoCell and CryptoIsland, to their SoC designs. These can be combined with any of our Rambus secure protocol accelerator or inline memory encryption cores,” said Neeraj Paliwal, general manager of Security IP at Rambus. “The newly expanded Rambus portfolio is ideal for customers targeting certified security designs, comprising of ISO26262 and ISO21434 automotive certificates to NIST FIPS 140-2 and 140-3 CMVP certificates to PSA Certified and SESIP certification.”

While existing Arm customer licenses for this IP will remain as is, going forward CryptoCell and CryptoIsland IP can be licensed from Rambus.

“Securing the world’s data will be one of the greatest technology challenges over the next decade of compute – one that requires strong industry collaboration to protect individuals, business and the devices of tomorrow,” said Andy Rose, vice president of technology strategy and fellow, Architecture and Technology Group, Arm. “We continue to invest heavily in the key new architectural features required to build secure solutions on Arm, and in research, standards and certification, and open-source software initiatives to drive the industry forward. By making our CryptoCell and CryptoIsland product family available through Rambus, we’re ensuring their expertise and ongoing investment in delivering cost-effective and scalable security IP for cryptographic services across multiple markets.”

Please visit to learn all about Rambus newly extended Root-of-Trust portfolio and to learn more about the CryptoCell and CryptoIsland solutions.

Read more about this collaboration in Arm’s blog, “Innovation and Collaboration: Arm’s Continuous Commitment to Security”.

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