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iSTART Appoints Micon Global as its Representative

We are proud to announce that Micon Global was selected as sales agent for iSTART

iSTART-TEK focuses on innovation of memory testing and repairing technology, providing SoC designers with reliable memory testing and repairing solutions. iSTART-TEK is now a leading memory testing and repairing solutions supplier in the world.
As the functions of SoCs are becoming more and more versatile, more memories are needed to accomplish advanced functions. Therefore, how to efficiently reduce costs and meet requirements of low power becomes an crucial issue for SoC providers. iSTART-TEK offers configurable memory testing and repairing solutions based on own memory testing and repairing patents. The innovative configurable memory testing and repairing platform enables users to construct their methods and obtains the best memory testing and repairing results. Possessing superiority in memory testing and repairing technology, iSTART-TEK work closely with users to reduce cost effectively and shorten time-to-market with quality design.


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