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High-Power Burn-In System For 1000-Watt Devices

(Minneapolis, MN) Micro Control Company announces the release of the HPB-6 High-Power Logic Burn-In with Test System. The HPB-6 is Micro Control Company’s most advanced, high-performance burn-in with test system capable of performing dynamic burn-in with test on extremely high-powerdevices up to 1000 watts.

Featuring individual temperature control (ITC) for each device under test for up to 12 devices per burn-in board, the HPB-6 keeps devices at an optimal temperature for stressing and testing during a burn-in cycle. Water-cooled, high-forceheatsinks provide excellent thermal contact for efficient heat transfer.

Programmable power supplies provide up to 4400 watts of regulated power to each burn-in board. With 24 high-current and 24 low-current supplies per burn-in board, a wide range of individual supplies for miscellaneous support circuitry is available.

With 128 digital I/O and 128 drive-only signals to each burn-in board, the HPB-6 can exercise and test high pin count devices or test many devices in parallel. And, the 128M words of vector memory allow the HPB-6 to run large numbers of test vectors without time-consuming reloads.

With more than 50 years of experienceas a test and measurement equipment manufacturer for the semiconductor industry, Micro Control Company is theindustry leader in high-power burn-in systems with individual temperature control (ITC).

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