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Flex Logix Opens Up Licensing to Its InferX AI Technology

Flex Logix® Technologies, Inc., a leading innovator in AI inference IP and the leading supplier of eFPGA IP, today announced that it has opened access to its edge inference AI solutions.  Available in early 2023, device manufacturers and systems companies who design chips can now license Flex Logix’s InferX AI technology, enabling broader access to the company’s eFPGA and edge inference IP solutions.

Over the past four years, Flex Logix has advanced its InferX technology from initial design to 16nm production, with superior performance per dollar and watt, demonstrating a fundamentally advantaged inference architecture. The ecosystem of SoC customers today utilizing Flex Logix’s EFLX eFPGA now stands to benefit from the availability of AI inference hardware and software IP for SoC integration.

“As commercial adoption of eFPGA accelerates, with more companies building superior products based on Flex Logix technology, we are pleased to also offer our customers AI IP along with a high efficiency automated compiler,” said Geoff Tate, Co-Founder and CEO at Flex Logix. “We have nearly 40 chips under license utilizing our EFLX eFPGA IP, with more than 20 of them working in silicon, all first time. Flex Logix’s license partners are poised to make reconfigurable computing ubiquitous over the coming decades – through both embedded FPGA and edge inference applications.”

“Flex Logix has proven it can move from strength to strength, powering its partner ecosystem through IP licensing,” said Peter Hebert, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Lux Capital. “Lux, alongside our partners at Mithril Capital and Eclipse, continues to invest to help Flex Logix become the Arm for reconfigurable computing.”

“There are a very small number of people in the world that have built multi-billion dollar companies in semiconductor IP – founding Rambus CEO and now Flex Logix CEO Geoff Tate is one of them,” said Ajay Royan, Founder and Managing General Partner of Mithril Capital, which led the company’s Series D round of financing. “Flex Logix’s decision to open up access to its InferX technology will drive compelling performance and cost benefits to more end users, sooner. We are strong supporters of the company’s more aggressive market penetration strategy.”

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