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Flex Logix Joins Intel Foundry Services Accelerator IP Alliance to Enable Fast, Low Power, Reconfigurable SoC’s

Flex Logix® Technologies, Inc., the leading supplier of embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP and reconfigurable DSP/AI solutions, announced today that it has joined the Intel Foundry Services (IFS) Accelerator IP Alliance. Through the alliance, Flex Logix will now have access to Intel’s leading edge process design kits, like Intel 18A, to provide embedded FPGA and reconfigurable DSP/AI solutions for mutual customers.

Brings industry-leading silicon IP from Flex Logix to IFS customers using Intel 18A in data center, edge, 5G, automotive and military-aerospace for many use-cases

“As part of our IDM 2.0 strategy, IFS is partnering with leading IP companies like Flex Logix to create a robust chip design ecosystem that will help our mutual customers deliver leading-edge silicon performance for the most demanding applications,” said Suk Lee, Vice President of Design Ecosystem Technology at IFS. “Our IFS Accelerator IP Alliance ensures that our customers have access to industry-leading technologies such as the portfolio of IPs and software offered by Flex Logix that enable reconfigurable chips that can adapt to changing standards, algorithms and security threats; be customized for a customer and market segment’s needs; and deliver top DSP/AI performance in minimum silicon area.”

“Flex Logix is the leader in embedded FPGA IP with more than 20 licensed customers, more than 40 licensed chips and over 25 chips in silicon,” said Geoff Tate, CEO of Flex Logix. “We have made our IP available on nine process nodes ranging from 180nm and now going down to 18 Angstroms. Our robust architecture supports a wide range of applications from tiny low power 1,000 LUT FPGAs to >500MHz worst case processing and 100’s of thousands of LUTs. Our InferX™ IP uses eFPGA for the control plane to run evolving AI models and signal processing algorithms to deliver the best DSP and AI performance in the least silicon area compared to the competition. We are proud to join the Intel Foundry Services Accelerator IP Alliance and look forward to delivering IP to our mutual customers, enabling the world’s most advanced SoCs.”

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