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Chips&Media Announces the Release of “CMNP,” the New Neural Processor IP

Chips&Media, Inc. today announced the release of “CMNP” (Chips&Media Neural Processor) for customers who want value-added image enhancement features in deep learning-based video processing. They begin the promotion of CMNP in October 2023. Chips&Media is a worldwide leading hardware IP provider of video codec, computer vision, and image signal processors and has a partnership with a number of major SoC manufacturer customers.

Chips&Media’s CMNP, the new Neural Processing Unit (NPU) product, competes for high-performance neural processing-based IP for edge devices. CMNP provides exceptionally enhanced image quality based on deep learning compared to conventional image processing algorithm. CMNP is based on efficient hardware architecture that offers a specialty in high-quality video processing in real-time (HD 1280 x 720, FHD 1920 x 1080, 4K 3840 x 2160). It also has a superior computing performance, which supports up to 4K60fps super-resolution and noise reduction in real-time. Moreover, an object detection feature will be added to CMNP soon.

The general usage of CMNP is expected to be super-resolution for post-processing and noise reduction for pre-processing in edge devices. The promotion will focus on CMNP equipped with super-resolution or noise reduction features in the evaluation package, including a SW C-model and an HW RTL for potential customers.

Detailed technical specifications and applications of CMNP will be updated shortly.

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