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Andes, HiRain, and HPMicro Join Hands to Build RISC-V AUTOSAR Software Ecosystem

Andes, HiRain, and HPMicro jointly announced that the three parties will cooperate to combine the AndesCoreTM RISC-V processor series, the HPMicro HPM6200 full line of products, and the HiRain Vehicle OS software platform solutions to jointly build the RISC-V ecosystem in the field of automotive electronics. In this cooperation, HiRain’s AUTOSAR product INTEWORK-EAS will be adapted to HPMicro’s full line of HPM6200 products, supporting MCAL software adaptation and engineering integration for  HPMicro’s AUTOSAR solutions. HiRain is currently one of the few major AUTOSAR software suppliers with experiences in supporting multiple RISC-V automotive-grade chips. HiRain has been an active player in enabling the RISC-V AUTOSAR ecosystem.  The HPM6200 product line has 12 product models, with built-in AndesCoreTM D45 single-core or dual-core RISC-V processor. This series of products has high performance and real-time features, and its application fields include new energy, energy storage, industrial automation, electric vehicles, etc. Through this cooperation, the HPMicro’s chip products will target different application scenarios of automotive electronics with more complete functions and services, enhancing the compatibility of RISC-V technology in the field of automotive electronics. In the future, HiRain and HPMicro will continue to cooperate and continue to provide AUTOSAR software platform solutions for new products.

INTEWORK-EAS is a software product independently developed by HiRain that complies with the AUTOSAR standards. It has a complete AUTOSAR tool chain and is compatible with a variety of mainstream data formats in the industry, such as DBC, LDF, PDX, ODX, ARXML, etc. It supports seamless integration with third-party MCAL toolchains. The solution covers all aspects of standard embedded software, AUTOSAR tool chain, integration services and training, aiming to provide OEMs and suppliers with a stable, reliable, convenient, and easy-to-use AUTOSAR platform. HiRain attaches great importance to the construction of integrated software and hardware solutions. The INTEWORK-EAS series products have been extensively mass-produced and verified on internationally renowned SoC platforms, and HiRain continues to deepen its cooperation with chip companies to jointly provide more integrated software and hardware solutions to the automotive market. For HiRain, this cooperation with HPMicro adds a new important company to its chip partner list and secures its leadership position in the AUTOSAR ecosystem.

HPMicro HPM6200 has adopted the D45 core, which has an 8-stage dual-issue superscalar design, with a main frequency of 600 MHz and performance exceeding 3390 CoreMark and 1710 DMIPS, while supporting IEEE754-compliant single/double-precision floating-point unit (FPU) and RISC-V P (draft) instructions (DSP/SIMD). The D45 core also has a memory subsystem that can support configurable instruction and data caches and local memories which can further improve software performance for the HPM6200 series SoCs. In terms of the application market, the D45 core is very suitable for embedded applications that have special requirements for fast response time and high arithmetic accuracy.

In addition to the high computing power RISC-V CPU, the HPM6200 product also integrates a series of high-performance peripherals and external storage. Further, the HPM6200 series also provides an enhanced PWM control system and a programmable logic array PLA for complex signal generation. Integrating AES-128/256, SHA-1/256 acceleration engines and hardware key managers, the HPM6200 can support hardware and software signature authentication, secure boot, and encrypted execution to prevent illegal code replacement, tampering or copying, further improving safety. HPMicro has completed the ISO9001 quality management certification and ISO 26262 functional safety management system ASIL D certification. The entire line of HPM6200 products has passed the AEC-Q100 G1 certification, with an operating temperature range of -40° to 125°C. After the HiRain INTEWORK-EAS is adapted to the HPM6200, this packaged solution will be fully promoted in the China and rest of the world automotive markets.

Jimmy Zhang, head of HiRain’s embedded software sector, said: “We are very pleased to cooperate with Andes and HPMicro. The three parties jointly create a software and hardware integration solution based on RISC-V to target the growing automotive market. In this era of rapid iteration of chips, it is important to take full advantages of the AUTOSAR middleware.  We have strong capabilities in supporting new hardware platforms and this cooperation will once again prove this. In the future, we hope to work with more partners to provide integrated solutions and promote them to the automotive industry.”

Jintao Zeng, CEO of HPMicro, said: “The D45 processor can provide high performance and low-latency for HPMicro’s MCU series products that require ultra-high-speed real-time computing. The CPU performance is excellent and in some test environments it can surpass other competing products.  Andes technical support helped us quickly and successfully complete the tape-out of the HPM6000 series. The two teams have a close and efficient cooperation.” “For HPMicro, this AUTOSAR cooperation with HiRain means that the HPMicro products have been widely recognized by the industry, and can drive adoption for high-performance microcontroller products with Andes RISC-V cores into the field of new energy electric vehicles.”

Dr. Charlie Su, President and CTO of Andes Technology, said: “The D45 core and the HPMicro HPM6200 SoC provide developers with a versatile hardware platform, allowing customers to design software with higher performance and more features.  The cooperation with HiRain and HPMicro has set a good example for the industry to take a RISC-V MCU into the wider automotive applications. We look forward to participating in more similar cooperations in the future to jointly promote great products to the automotive electronics industry.”

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