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Nova METRION® Selected by Advanced Logic Manufacturer

Nova (Nasdaq: NVMI) announced today that a leading logic manufacturer recently selected Nova METRION® for next-generation Integrated Circuit (IC) development. This recent deal is part of the Company’s long-term collaboration agreement with the customer to establish a full suite of Nova’s materials metrology portfolio for future device development. The customer previously installed a broad range of Nova’s advanced solutions, including Nova ELIPSON™ and Nova VERAFLEX®.

Nova METRION® is expected to replace traditional lab-based SIMS (secondary ion mass spectrometry) measurements, providing a depth profile of materials composition in next-generation devices. The system is designed from the ground up for a high-volume manufacturing environment. Nova METRION® provides quantitative and actionable results with high-depth resolution and precision. This breakthrough technology enables advanced process control of complex and critical multilayer films.

“We are delighted with this close partnership that keeps yielding breakthrough solutions for logic manufacturing. Nova is unique in its ability to bridge the chasm between lab and fab environments, which is becoming a critical factor in enabling next-generation device manufacturing,” said Eitan Oppenhaim, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nova. “As production becomes more challenging than ever before, our advanced platforms allow customers to address the increasing need for process control. With multiple Nova METRION® systems installed by various customers, we are advancing well towards establishing a new method of measuring material profiles in high-volume manufacturing.”

The company expects to recognize revenues from this selection by the end of calendar year 2022.

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