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MAXEYE License and Deploy CEVA Sensor Fusion Software in Digital Pen for Leading Global Mobile OEM

CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA), the leading licensor of wireless connectivity, smart sensing technologies and custom SoC solutions, announced today that Shenzhen Qianfenyi Intelligent Technology Co., LTD (“MAXEYE”), a leading developer of complete stylus and touch solutions, has licensed and deployed CEVA’s MotionEngine™ Air sensor fusion software in an advanced digital pen for a leading global mobile OEM. This pen was recently launched alongside a flagship tablet, with the MotionEngine Air software enabling the pen with sensor fusion algorithms for high-precision motion and cursor control functionality, improving the user experience and interface with the tablet.

According to research firm Grand View Research, the global digital pen market is expected to reach $6.29 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 13.3%. The addition of new sensors and motion-sensing software such as MotionEngine Air to enable new features and functionality is one of the key drivers for the growing use of digital pens in consumer, educational and enterprise markets.

Vardern Zhan, CPO at MAXEYE, commented: “As leading innovators of stylus and digital pen products, we are constantly looking at ways to improve the user experience for our customers. CEVA’s MotionEngine Air software enables us to add many exciting and intuitive motion-based features, such as cursor control, through a simple and powerful user interface that greatly enhances our products. We are proud to collaborate with CEVA and reach production with a global mobile OEM for our first digital pen incorporating their software.”

Chad Lucien, Vice President and General Manager of the Sensors and Audio BU at CEVA stated: “Our industry leading portfolio of embedded sensor fusion software has shipped in more than 300 million devices, unlocking incredible value for OEMs in many end markets, including mobile, PC, robotics, hearables, XR, and home entertainment. MAXEYE’s introduction of a digital pen incorporating our MotionEngine Air software with a leading OEM is the latest success story in this context. Our software allows the OEM to take the digital pen experience to the next level, incorporating simple and intuitive features that enables the pen to control any display-based device, including smartphones, tablets, PC’s and projectors.”

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