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Hailo Expands Hailo-8™ AI Accelerator Portfolio

Hailo, the pioneering chipmaker of edge artificial intelligence (AI) processors, today announced it has expanded its groundbreaking Hailo-8™ AI accelerator offering following hundreds of successful deployments in customer programs and products. The new high-performance Hailo-8 Century PCIe card line offers up to 208 Tera Operations per Second (TOPS) for most demanding applications, and the Hailo-8L makes advanced AI processing available for entry-level applications. Both product lines are offered at a competitive price compared to the respective category leaders.

The new Hailo-8 Century and Hailo-8L AI accelerators extend the Hailo-8 offering with a wide-range of AI platforms to enable high performance AI in edge devices ranging from entry level to high-capacity deployments.

“The expansion of our Hailo-8 AI accelerator portfolio is unlocking new opportunities for our customers to harness real-time, power-efficient intelligence in a diverse range of applications and industries,” said Orr Danon, CEO of Hailo. “With the rise of generative AI driven applications, our powerful and cost-efficient solutions bring unmatched AI performance and power efficiency, enabling state-of-the-art transformer-based models such as ViT, CLIP and SAM, at the edge.”

The competitively priced Hailo-8L, with up to 13 TOPS, is designed to support entry level products requiring limited AI capacity or lower performance. The Hailo-8 Century line, comprising PCIe cards delivering 52 to 208 TOPS, enables demanding applications such as video management systems handling a large number of video streams. The Hailo-8 Century PCIe cards deliver best-in-class power efficiency at 400 FPS per watt on the ResNet50 benchmark model. They are also offering the highest cost efficiency, starting at $249 for the 52 TOPS card, representing up to 70% reduction in edge AI deployment costs. They feature a robust design that supports industrial temperature ranges and ensures compatibility with virtually any environment or application.

“We see the Hailo-8 Century product line as an enabler for many market verticals, such as security, retail and smart cities, which show increasing demand for AI compute power in large camera deployments,” said Tom Larson, President of Velasea. “By offering Hailo-8 Century empowered edge boxes, we offer our customers a cost-effective solution for high performance video analytics at scale.”

Hailo-8 Century and Hailo-8L both boast exceptional low-latency, high-efficiency processing, capable of handling complex pipelines with multiple real-time streams and concurrent processing of multiple models and AI tasks. The expanded portfolio of Hailo-8 products features seamless scalability for future upgrades, as all products are compatible with the same field-proven and comprehensive Hailo-8 software suite.

For reference, the Hailo-8L can run the benchmark classification model ResNet50 at 500 FPS, and the Century high performance PCIe cards can run this model at up to 10K FPS, outperforming Nvidia’s comparable products in performance, cost efficiency and power efficiency parameters.

“With the power of Hailo-8 now accessible to a wider range of applications and products, catering to both demanding and entry-level use-cases, we are driving the industry forward in an era where efficient, scalable edge AI processing is increasingly important for businesses to achieve their targets using enhanced processing and analytic capabilities with unparalleled speed and accuracy,” Danon concluded. “This significant expansion marks a milestone in delivering seamless real-time intelligence for diverse edge AI applications ranging from security and smart cities to transportation, smart retail, industrial automation, automotive, and beyond.”

The Hailo-8 expansion follows Hailo’s successful launch of the Hailo-15™ vision processor units in Q1 2023, which are currently sampling and integrate unprecedented AI performance directly into cameras, enhancing both video quality and video analytics. Both Hailo-8L and the Hailo-8 Century product lines are available for order. High AI capacity products similar to the Hailo-8 Century are available also from Hailo’s ODM partners Aetina, Lanner, and Mitac.

Photo: Hailo-8, credit: Hailo

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