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Hailo Earns Frost & Sullivan 2024 Technology Innovation Leadership Award

Hailo, the pioneering chipmaker of edge artificial intelligence (AI) processors, has won the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Technology Innovation Leadership Award for its groundbreaking Hailo-15 family of AI vision processors.

This award program celebrates companies that consistently develop and implement growth strategies based on a forward-thinking view of the future that leads them to effectively address challenges and identify opportunities.

“We’re honored to be celebrated as a leader in best practices and innovation with this award as we continue our commitment to bring powerful AI processing to a variety of edge applications and industries,” said Hailo CEO and Co-Founder Orr Danon. “With hundreds of companies worldwide across automotive, retail, and security industries already trusting our technology, we’re happy to be endorsed by a prestigious organization such as Frost & Sullivan.”

Frost & Sullivan selected Hailo as the winner in this category after a rigorous analytical process to evaluate best practices criteria across two dimensions – technology leverage and business impact. Hailo excelled in many of the criteria in the vision processing space, primarily due to its Hailo-15 Vision Processing Units (VPUs) designed for integration directly into intelligent cameras to deliver unprecedented video processing and analytics at the edge.

Notably, Hailo-15 can conduct advanced AI image enhancement and AI analytics on the same vision processor without sacrificing video quality or performance. This capability is crucial, particularly when addressing AI image enhancement, one of the key challenges within the industry. Its throughput of 20 tera operations per second (TOPS) on the device makes it the world’s most efficient VPU in terms of performance to cost and performance to power consumption ratios.

Additionally, by offloading cloud analytics to save video bandwidth and processing, Hailo-15-enabled cameras reduce the total cost of ownership in large-scale camera deployments while enhancing privacy through data anonymization at the edge. The product is an incredibly sophisticated AI-based video analytics system that protects people’s privacy while keeping them secure.

Earlier this month, Hailo announced an extended series C fundraising round with an additional investment of $120 million, boosting the company’s total raised capital to over $340 million. This latest funding round strengthens the company’s position as a leader in the AI processor market and ensures it can continue focusing on new product developments and introductions.

Along with the fundraising round, Hailo launched its all-new Hailo-10 high-performance generative AI (GenAI) accelerators that usher in an era where users can own and run GenAI applications locally without registering to cloud-based GenAI services. Hailo-10 joins Hailo’s existing product portfolio including the Hailo-15 AI vision processors and Hailo-8 AI accelerators.

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