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Ceva Wins Product of the Year Award at Prestigious EE Awards Asia Event

Ceva, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA), today announced that it has won the Best IP/ Processor of the Year award at the prestigious EE Awards Asia event, recently hosted in Taipei.

The award-winning Ceva-XC22 DSP is based on a groundbreaking vector multi-threaded massive compute technology designed to address next-generation 5G-Advanced workloads across a broad spectrum of use cases, including smartphones, high-end Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) devices (e.g. Fixed Wireless Access and Industrial Terminals) and a range of cellular communications infrastructure devices (e.g. 5G satellites, base stations, virtualized DU accelerators, and beamforming compute in Massive MIMO radios).

“Ceva is proud to receive this recognition for Ceva-XC22, the world’s most advanced vector baseband processor,” said Guy Keshet, Vice President and General Manager of the Mobile Broadband Business Unit at Ceva. “This prestigious award reflects the vital role our industry-leading DSPs play in powering the most demanding 5G-advanced workloads, from endpoints to infrastructure, enabling the development of more energy-efficient products that in turn have a direct positive impact on the environment and society.”

The EE Awards Asia celebrate the best products, companies, and individuals across the continent’s highly regarded electronics industry. Judging and selection is undertaken by a global panel of experts, who select the shortlist before the EETimes reader communities of EE Times and EDN in Taiwan and Asia cast their votes.

The Ceva-XC22 supports two execution threads by employing a novel Dynamic Vector Threading (DVT) scheme, which supports true hardware multi-threading, which up until now was only found in general purpose CPU architectures. It offers a 2.5X improvement in efficiency (performance per watt and area) for essential 5G use cases and computation kernels versus its predecessor. The Ceva-XC22 will also be integrated within the PentaG-RAN platform for cellular infrastructure and PentaG2-Max platform for high performance mobile devices, wherein it will power Ceva’s heterogeneous compute platforms, including both DSPs and compute engine accelerators. For more information, visit

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