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Autotalks and Hyundai Mobis collaborate to implement cutting-edge V2X technology for connected cars

Autotalks, a world leader in V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communication solutions, and Hyundai Mobis, a leading global automotive supplier, are set to unveil their latest joint effort: Hyundai Mobis’ MTCU (Multi-functional Telematics Control Unit) connectivity modules.

MTCU Gen1, Hyundai Mobis’ most advanced connectivity module to date, supports Day-1 V2X services in all geographies. Powered by Autotalks’ V2X chipset, the MTCU Gen1 sets the standard for high-performance, globally compatible automotive V2X. Day-1 applications alert drivers in dangerous, non-line-of-sight situations, for example to avert a possible collision with a vehicle or bicycle at an intersection. Additional applications include alerts about road hazards.

As the demand for V2X continues to grow, primarily driven by the global NCAP roadmap, Hyundai Mobis selected Autotalks’ 3rd generation chipset to power its next-generation connectivity module solution, MTCU Gen2. The module, expected to be available in 2024,  will enable car manufacturers to offer advanced safety applications based on V2X communication.

MTCU Gen2 enables a range of use-cases from basic Day-1 to advanced Day-2 V2X applications. This is achieved through its inherent support for the latest global V2X standards, dual-channel operation, and the integration of Functional Safety-grade implementation, enabling car actuation based on V2X data.

The MTCU Gen1 module will be showcased at the upcoming IAA Mobility exhibition, which will take place in Munich, Germany, between September 5th and September 10th, 2023. Hyundai Mobis will display its latest technical advancements and provide visitors with a glimpse into the future of connected-car user experiences at booth B2, Hall D20.

Ram Shallom, VP Business Development & Marketing for APAC (Asia-Pacific) at Autotalks, emphasized the collaborative success between Autotalks and Hyundai Mobis in advancing V2X technology, stating, “Over half a decade of partnership with Hyundai Mobis has enabled us to take a central part in the MTCU development process and fuel the cutting-edge MTCU product lineup, setting new standards for safety and mobility in connected vehicle environments. By utilizing Autotalks’ advanced chipsets and Hyundai Mobis’ automotive safety expertise, we’re poised to help automakers realize the full potential of V2X technology. The product of this partnership will enable car manufacturers an effortless integration of V2X as a safety critical sensor, advancing ADAS reliability to its ultimate level.”

Dr. Joseph Kim, VP Product Planning Group at Hyundai Mobis says, “Partnership with the latest technology of Autotalks will bring a great advantage to the automotive industry. Our customers, future V2X drivers, pedestrians, and whomever on the roads will experience high performing autonomous driving features, safety and convenience while connected.”

Photo: Autotalks team. Credit- Eyal Toueg

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