Flex Logix Announces InferX™ High Performance IP for DSP and AI Inference
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Xiphera and Flex Logix Publish Joint White Paper on Solving the Quantum Threat with Post-Quantum Cryptography on eFPGA
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Flex Logix EFLX4K eFPGA IP Core on TSMC 7nm Technology Now Available
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Flex Logix Opens Up Licensing to Its InferX AI Technology
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What’s Really Behind the Adoption of eFPGA?
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Flex Logix Unveils First AI Integrated Mini-ITX System to Simplify Edge and Embedded AI Deployment
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Flex Logix to Present at the 2022 AI Hardware Summit
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Taking eFPGA Security to the Next Level
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Flex Logix and CEVA Announce First Working Silicon of a DSP with Embedded FPGA to Allow a Flexible/Changeable ISA
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Flex Logix Launches EasyVision – Turnkey AI/ML Solution With Ready-to-Use Models and AI Acceleration Hardware
Flex Logix Easy Vision
Flex Logix Partners With Roboflow to Enable Specialized AI Models for Computer Vision Applications
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Add Security and Supply Chain Trust to Your ASIC or SOC
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On-Chip FPGA: The “Other” Compute Resource
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Flex Logix Leads eFPGA Market With More Than 17 Licensed Customers
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eFPGA: The Proof is in the Tape Out
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