Flex Logix and CEVA Announce First Working Silicon of a DSP with Embedded FPGA to Allow a Flexible/Changeable ISA
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Flex Logix Launches EasyVision – Turnkey AI/ML Solution With Ready-to-Use Models and AI Acceleration Hardware
Flex Logix Easy Vision
Flex Logix Partners With Roboflow to Enable Specialized AI Models for Computer Vision Applications
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Add Security and Supply Chain Trust to Your ASIC or SOC
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On-Chip FPGA: The “Other” Compute Resource
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Flex Logix Leads eFPGA Market With More Than 17 Licensed Customers
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eFPGA: The Proof is in the Tape Out
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Top 5 predictions for eFPGA in 2022
Flex Logix Fast-Load-Chip
eFPGA Saved Us Millions of Dollars. It Can Do the Same for You
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Flex Logix and the Air Force Research Laboratory Expand Their License to Include Any Flex Logix Technology For Research and Chip Prototyping in All Available Processes Including RadHard
Flex Logix AFRL Sensors
On Chip FPGA: The Other Compute Resource by Andy Jaros​, VP Sales and Marketing, Flex Logix
eFPGA LUTs Will Outship FPGA LUTs Later This Decade and Will Enable Software Control of FPGA
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Flex Logix Expands Management Team To Meet Growing Demand For Its AI Inference and EFPGA Solutions
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Flex Logix Joins the Edge AI and Vision Alliance
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Flex Logix Announces Production Availability Of InferX X1 PCIe Boards for Edge AI Systems
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