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Flex Logix is the leading supplier in eFPGAs:  EFLX has been used successfully in >20 chips so far with dozens more in design/evaluation. We support a wide range of process nodes, metal stacks, array sizes and options.  We have been doing eFPGAs for almost a decade. EFLX eFPGA uses standard cells to build the logic and by leveraging our patented XFLX ® Boundary-less Radix Interconnect we can reduce the interconnect by up to 50% allowing us to match Xilinx speed and density in the same node. Now you can integrate your FPGA into your SoC and cut power/cost by 5-10x as well as eliminate a big chip. Others use us to provide programmable GPIO so you can work with any GPIO interface that exists or reconfigurable accelerators so each SoC can have different accelerators based on that customer’s needs. Renesas is using us now for a “micro FPGA” called ForgeFPGA that is just millimeters on a side, milliwatts of power and <50 cents in volume. Whatever your chip we can help you provide it the adaptability you need to extend product life and increase market TAM.

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System companies are taking a more proactive role in co￾designing their hardware and software roadmaps, so it’s no surprise that…

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5G, networking, cloud storage, defense, smart home, automotive, and others – are looking to embedded FPGAs (eFPGA) to save power and reduce cost.

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One issue with today’s modern design flow is the access to “Trusted Fabs” for confidential designs.  Just too many eyes…

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