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Flex Logix is the leading supplier in eFPGAs, EFLX, with more designs, metal stacks and configurations supported. We have been doing eFPGAs for 7 years and can port our technology to TSMC process in just a few months. Once ported, EFLX eFPGAs of any size can be delivered in a few days with available processes. EFLX eFPGA uses standard cells to build the logic and by leveraging our patented XFLX ® Boundary-less Radix Interconnect we can reduce the interconnect by up to 50% providing area and speed benefits. Another huge benefit of integrating eFPGAs is to save system power by eliminating redundant interfaces. By integrating the FPGA not only is it right sized by configuring the number of LUTs and DSPs used but eliminates any unused devices and reduces latency. EFLX eFPGA also is low power with configurations available that have power rails separated for controlling the power granularity. For high reliability applications eFPGAs can be rad-hardened or instantiated using triple redundancy in any technology required. Reduce power, add reconfigurability and accelerate your chips with EFLX eFPGAs!

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System companies are taking a more proactive role in co￾designing their hardware and software roadmaps, so it’s no surprise that…

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5G, networking, cloud storage, defense, smart home, automotive, and others – are looking to embedded FPGAs (eFPGA) to save power and reduce cost.

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One issue with today’s modern design flow is the access to “Trusted Fabs” for confidential designs.  Just too many eyes…

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