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Reimagining Synopsys SLM PVT Monitoring IP for Advanced Node GAA Processes

Synopsys’ SLM PVT Monitor (process detector, voltage monitor, temperature sensor) IP can collect voltage, temperature, and process parameters from different blocks within the IC in real time. These data can be analyzed and used to take meaningful action to optimize the performance of the chip at any stage of silicon lifecycle. This webinar focuses on how the monitors need to move from analog to digital sensing paradigm due to the design constraints introduced by GAA nodes.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Silicon Lifecycle Management (SLM) overview and the crucial role of PVT IP
  • Overview of each component in the PVT IP portfolio – rearchitecting from analog to digital sensing
  • PVT IP use cases in data centers, 5G, consumer electronics, and automotive applications
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