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Altair Future. Industry 2023

Something magical happens when the world’s brightest minds in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI) converge in one place. Suddenly, everything is possible… it’s transformed.

At Future.Industry 2023, we’ll explore the latest megatrends impacting our world. From electrification and the data-driven enterprise to AI-driven simulation and semiconductors, you’ll learn how the convergence of simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), and AI can unlock the full potential of your technology investments.

We are rolling our three main events (Future.AI, Future.HPC and Future.Industry) into one. You’ll still hear from premier organizations (such as past presenters: Google, AMD, Intel, Leonardo, Ford, BMW, GE, NVIDIA, Sky TV, VIAN AI, etc.), along with Altair experts and executives, but within the spirit of convergence – you receive faster access to the latest tools and processes all in one place.

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