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SemIsrael is the Israeli Semiconductors Portal.

SemIsrael forms and supports the online Israeli Semiconductors community. It is the essential place for the semiconductors professionals to start the day.

SemIsrael was formed by semiconductors veterans, who are involved in this fascinating industry for more than 20 years, for the benefit and growth of the community.

Shuka Zernovizky – semiconductors technical, marketing and business development professional – 20 years experience in M-Systems and SanDisk.

Tal Oren – semiconductors sales, marketing and business development professional – more than 20 years experience in M-Systems and micon.

Here you will find:

  • All related news from around the world and from Israel, in English and Hebrew
  • SemIsrael Partners – all are international companies, eager to help Israeli semi companies to complete their silicon design and to better compete in the marketplace.
  • Additional information on the SemIsrael portal includes: events calendar, semiconductors jobs offerings, blogs of leading Israeli semi people, local VC action, and Israeli semi companies PRs.

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